Jesse Crockett
Dallas, TX

iOS, Android

Release Date
Early 2017

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Short Description
Arcade Pool Mashup

Full Description
Classic game made new with smooth and challenging arcade action.

Chill Pool aims to be essential as a casual mobile gaming experience, accessible and enjoyable for all. Easy to pick up and easy to put down. Keep your blood pressure in the normal range and make it to class.

Aim from anywhere at anytime on the screen. Start aiming your next shot as soon as you want. Cue slows down to stop when you start aiming. Go for the target ball, shown under the pause button. The heads-up-display on top also shows the current and the next target ball. Use the target ball to collect bonus hearts and keep going strong.

Coming Soon
* Complete Sound Effects
* Bonus Levels & Powerups
* Skill Point Combos

Vision & Support
Chill Pool is built on Phaser Community Edition, created and curated by Richard DaveyPrimary graphics by Mark Quire. Music by Taylor Brook. Cross-platform compilation by Cocoon.

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